How Does Perspectives Work?

Perspectives explores God’s heart and mission for the world, and mobilizes Christians to be a part of what God is doing at home and abroad. It is the single most comprehensive source of information on the unfinished task of global evangelism. Students interact with many of today’s most dynamic and thoughtful cross-cultural thinkers: evangelical leaders, professors and global visionaries. This creates one of the richest, most engaging Bible studies available today.

Perspectives is designed around four “perspectives,” each one highlighting different aspects of God’s global purpose. Each week features a different instructor who will weave together his or her personal experience with the curriculum. Read below to find out about the four “perspectives.”

The Four Perspectives


With striking clarity, Perspectives illuminates God’s unchanging promises as they progress from Genesis to Revelation. You may never read your Bible in the same way after you experience how Jesus’ epic story is unfolding.


Discover your spiritual lineage! Christian history is wrought with the immeasurable power of God. You’ll walk in the shoes of believers who have paved the way and set the stage to thread us all into God’s story.


Jesus’ kingdom will thrive among every nation, tribe, people, and language. Discover how to recognize and overcome barriers to cross-cultural communication, be it with a neighbor, coworker or in a distant land.


Where do you fit? Discover practical and strategic opportunities to leverage your passions, training, and expertise for His glory, at home or abroad.